Artificial Human by mraziz

Chain of random thoughts; read at your own risk!

What's the difference between a computer and a human?

Emotions. Consciousness and emotions?

Intelligence is ever increasing, intelligence of computers - although derived by humans - could greatly exceed that of humans.

Emotions on the other hand do not exist.

"I'm hungry" said by a fat man with a grin on his face is way different than the same sentence said by a starving poor man. Emotions are the key.

How can you add that extra dimension to "I'm hungry"?

A brain. With senses. You need to create an artificial brain. A brain that is able to learn, the same way a baby learns a language from people surrounding him.

A brain that can think. How does a human think? There is a process for everything. There is a process for us learning. The environment surrounding you creates you.

Human bad traits also create you: envy, resentment, anger.

What if you can create an artificial human? A computer program that acts like a human, that can tell right from wrong, that has judgement.

What if you can create the perfect artificial human? By removing bad traits, and leaving only good ones.

But doesn't that mean it can't have emotions this way? Emotions greatly influence our decisions, hence creating imperfections.