The name is Abdulaziz Alfoudari or the human-friendly version: Aziz.


I was a student at Kuwait University from 2005 until 2010 majoring in Computer Science.

From Oct, 2010 up until Apr, 2014 is where I started my career at Zain Kuwait as a Technical Analyst in the IT Division. This is where I have met some of the greatest colleagues and friends who influenced me greatly. I have moved around quite a lot within the IT Division considering the short period; my online career profile is available at LinkedIn.

Apr, 2014 onwards I switched jobs from Zain Kuwait to KOC. I made this move mainly to serve the plan I have created for myself for the upcoming 10 years - establishing a family, creating my own company and a stable career to support these two goals.

Computer Science

Warning: this section is too techy, possibly boring - but then you have probably figured this out if you read my blog.

I have started dealing with computers since I was 11 (if I recall correctly) and it has been an interesting journey since then. My oldest brother Saad, a computer science major, had his influence on me since I was a kid; he went to the UK in the late 90's to continue his masters and Ph.D. and left me a nice Gateway PC. That's where things started getting interesting.

I started out with Visual Basic which Saad had bought me from the UK along with a half dozen of books, and I learned how to make a few simple native applications with a GUI. A few years later, around 2000 and 2001 I started my first website After that I started playing around with PHP and MySQL, building a few small web applications and learning new things along the way.

Later on I started experimenting with C/C++, fascinating languages if you appreciate (and require) efficiency. In 2010, I learned Python and it has been my companion for web applications since then.

Throughout all those years I have learned that while some language can end up being your favorite, it is never a one size fits all world when it comes to programming. You use them where they best fit the need; Google puts it quite nicely "Python where we can, C++ where we must".

I have created this website for two reasons, one as a lab rat to experiment on, and two to create a personal website that revolves around me and nothing but me. The architecture for this website is as follows: